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Currently Funded Projects as Principal Investigator

Date: 01/01/17 - 12/31/20
Agency: Cotton Incorporated, USDA-ARS
Title: Further Development of CottonGEN: A Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Database for Cotton Improvement
Amount: $741,889
Project URL:

Date: 07/01/15 - 06/30/18
Agency: NSF Plant Genome Research Program Award # 1444573
Title: Standards and CyberInfrastructure that Enable Big-Data Driven Discovery for Tree Crop Research
Amount: $2,983,307
Co-PIs: Sook Jung, Stephen Ficklin (Washington State University), Jill Wegrzyn (University of Connecticut), Meg Staton (University of Tennessee), Bert Abbott (University of Kentucky)
Project URL:

Date: 10/01/14 - 09/30/19
Agency: USDA NIFA National Research Support Program NRSP10
Title: Database Resources for Crop Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Research
Amount: $1,991,190 
Project URL:

Date: 09/01/14 - 08/31/19
Agency: USDA NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative Award # 2014-51181-2237
Title: Genome Database for Rosaceae: Empowering Specialty Crop Research through Big-Data Driven Discovery and Application in Breeding 
Amount: $2,741,575
Co-PI's: Sook Jung, Cameron Peace, Kate Evans, Lisa DeVetter (Washington State University), Ksenija Gasic (Clemson University)
Project URL:


Currently Funded Projects as Co-Principal Investigator

Date: 10/01/16 - 09/30/19
Agency: Washington State Specialty Crop Block Program Award 
Title: Enhancing the Sustainability of Lentil Production in Washington
Amount: $199,406
PI: Rebecca McGee (USDA-ARS, Pullman)
Co-PI's: Clare Coyne (USDA-ARS, Pullman), Dorrie Main

Date: 01/01/15 - 12/31/17
Agency: NSF Data Infrastructure Building Blocks Program Award # 1443040
Amount: Tripal Gateway, a Platform for Next-generation Data Analysis and Sharing”
PI: Stephen Ficklin (Washington State University) 
Co-PI's: Dorrie Main, Sook Jing (Washington State University), Alex Feltus (Clemson University), Jill Wegrzyn (University of Connecticut), Meg Staton (University of Tennessee)

Date: 09/01/14 - 08/31/19
Agency: USDA NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative Award # 2014-2014-07898
Title: RosBreed: Combining Disease  Resistance with Horticultural Quality in New Rosaceous Cultivars
Amount: $9,000,000
PI's: Amy Iezzoni (Michigan State University), Cameron Peace (Washington State University)
Co_PI's: Nahla Bassil, Jay Norelli (USDA-ARS); Jim Luby, Chengyan Yue, Stan Hokenson (University of Minnesota), Chad Finn (Oregon State University); Ksenija Gasic (Clemson University); Vance Whitaker (University of Florida); Dorrie Main (Washington State University)
Project URL: